More than one in ten drivers have no idea how to change the screen wash in their car, while half can’t change a tyre.
New research reveals the extent to which many of us are baffled as to how to operate even the most basic car functions.
In fact, a staggering thirteen percent of car owners are driving around, with no idea of how to even open the bonnet of their own vehicle.
The research finds that 43 percent of people are unsure on where spark plugs live or how to change the oil, whilst 42 percent can’t replace a headlight bulb, 35 percent can’t find the fan belt and 31 percent would have no idea how to jump start the car.
And while half (49 percent) say they want to be a greener and more sustainable driver, 78 percent have no idea they can request “green parts” when getting their car fixed, according to the poll by LV= General Insurance, while 82 percent didn’t know they existed.
The research comes as LV= General Insurance teams up with TV presenter and car enthusiast, Rory Reid, to support its Green Parts initiative, helping customers replace damaged car parts with recycled green parts.
Michael Golding, Network Manager at LV= General Insurance, “It’s encouraging to see drivers want to be more sustainable, as using green parts to repair a car has a 47 percent lower carbon impact than using brand-new parts. We’re on a mission to make more car owners aware of them.”
The survey found a fifth (21 percent) of respondents couldn’t even tell you the size of their car engine, with one in five (18 percent) confessing that they can’t turn on the cruise or traction control.
Asked why they don’t know anything about the “inner workings” of their car, nearly half (46 percent) don’t feel they need to know – as it is just a means of getting from A to B.
42 percent claim they only really worry when something goes wrong.
On average drivers experience three breakdowns a year, spending as much as £305 on repairs.
1. Change a tyre – 45% (*Have never done, and do not know how to)
2. Find the spark plugs – 43%
3. Change the oil – 43%
4. Replace a headlight bulb – 42%
5. Find the fan belt – 35%
6. Change the windscreen wiper blades – 31%
7. Jump start the car – 31%
8. Check the tread on the tyres – 20%
9. Put the cruise control on – 18%
10. Turn on the traction control – 18%
11. Check the oil – 16%
12. Check the water level – 16%
13. Put the car into 4×4 mode – 15%
14. Check the tyre pressure – 15%
15. Refill the screen wash – 14%
16. Open the bonnet – 13%
17. Work the Sat Nav – 11%
18. Connect phone to the car – 10%
19. Put the back seats down – 7%
20. Turn on the A/C – 7%

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