Porsche 911

More than a THIRD of those over the age of 50 (32 percent) know someone who has purchased a sporty little number, in a bid to recapture their youth, a new survey has revealed.

And according to the official data, 50 is the average age we’re most likely to throw caution to the wind, splashing out on an impractical, yet impressive midlife-motor.

The study went on to reveal the top midlife crisis cars, with the iconic Porsche 911 emerging as the car we’d most like to buy in our fifties (39 percent), followed by the slightly less pricey Porsche Boxster (34 percent).

 Also making the list of most desirable midlife cars, are James Bond’s favourite, the Aston Martin Vantage (26 percent), the Jaguar F Type (23 percent), followed by the Audi TT Quatro (22 percent) and the muscular Ford Mustang (21 percent).

 When it comes to the reasons why we dream of a flash motor in later life, 52 percent admitted it was to feel young again, while 26 percent would like to appear more attractive to potential partners.

 Meanwhile, 38 percent of respondents felt that owning a luxury car would be a symbol of them having achieved something in life, according to the survey of 2,000 drivers, by temporary car and van insurance brand GoShorty.

 Perhaps unsurprisingly men are most likely to throw caution to the wind and buy a sports car (73 percent), compared to just one in twenty (5 percent) of women.

 Andy Moody, Founder and Managing Director at GoShorty said: “Even in modern times, a car is still seen as a symbol of status for many people. However, we know the practicalities of getting from A-B, in a cost-effective and easy manner, should be the priority!

 “Our report showed men over 50 seem to be sticking to the stereotype, with a desire to put flash ahead of sensible cash. It’s a case of Insta vs. reality, but in real life, with cars being chosen for their appeal rather than functionality.

 “While the car you choose might demand some attention in the short-term from passersby, we know that in the long-term, investing in a practical vehicle is always the better choice. From being cheaper to insure to lower maintenance costs, a reliable vehicle is always a better – and often safer – choice. This is particularly true in the winter months, as flashier sports cars are less equipped to drive in ice and snow.”

 62 percent insisted the older they get the more important it is for them to have a nice car, with over half (54 percent) admitting they would love a car that turns heads when they drive it.

 In fact, 32 percent have been tempted to hire an expensive car for the day to see what it’s like.

The data also revealed that 68 percent of those polled felt as a society we’re too quick to judge someone who splashed out on a midlife crisis car, while 30 percent admit they are secretly impressed by people who own luxury cars.

 A similar number (32 percent) feel having an expensive car would make them happier when they get older, with almost half (44 percent) insisting other nationalities are less critical of people who buy a sports car later in life.

 In contrast, over 94 percent said they wouldn’t judge someone for buying the car of their dreams.

 When it comes to interiors, having a banging sound system (45 percent), leather seats (41 percent), alloy wheels (33 percent) and a custom interior colour (32 percent) made the list of most attractive car features.

 And looking at the exterior colour of our dream car, black was the most popular choice (29 percent), followed by blue (21 percent).


 1.  Porsche 911 – 39 percent

2.  Porsche Boxster – 34 percent

3.  Aston Martin Vantage – 26 percent

4.  Jaguar F Type – 23 percent

5.  Audi TT Quatro – 22 percent

6.  Ford Mustang – 21 percent

7.  BMW Z4 – 20 percent

8.  Mercedes Benz SL – 17 percent

9.  Audi R8 – 16 percent

10.   Alfa Romeo Spider – 14 percent

11.   Lotus Evora – 14 percent

12.   Chevrolet Corvette – 11 percent

13.   Range Rover Evoque – 10 percent

14.   Subaru BRZ – 10 percent

15.   Dodge Challenger – 9 percent

16.   Land Rover Defender (new version) – 9 percent

17.   Mazda MX5 – 8 percent

18.   Volkswagen Golf GTI – 8 percent

19.   Toyota Supra – 8 percent

20.   Ford Focus RS – 8 percent

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