Add brighter colours to your home decor with interior design tips.

We love our homes to be cosy, comfortable – but with Spring just around the corner, it’s time to lighten up!  

Make the most of the natural light that is on its way and use interior design tips and tricks that will brighten up a dark room.

 A little work, a few tweaks and some know-how can make all the difference, meaning your space will be one of your favourite rooms in no time.


Say goodbye to your heavy, dark curtains! Your already dark room is being robbed of further light when you have dark-coloured curtains in heavy materials that actively block off the natural light coming through your windows. Opt for lighter colours and fabrics – not necessarily net or necessarily white, but fabrics that won’t drain the room or draw the eye.


Mirrors are the best replacement for natural light that you can find. The reflective surfaces will bounce back any natural light making its way into the room, meaning you’ll get extra light with a few strategically place mirrors. Angle them to be perpendicular on the walls to the windows – that way they catch the light and bouncing it off the walls opposite to create more brightness.

Light furniture

In the same way that you want to avoid heavy and dark coloured curtains, you also want to stay away from dark furniture. Lighter colours will help add lightness to the area and will reflect light, rather than sucking it in.  Use throws and pillows to add lighter colours to sofas and break up dark colour schemes.

Metallic pieces

These naturally shiny materials will capture and reflect any light coming into your space, in a mirror-like effect. From gold-plated bar carts to copper-toned frames and artwork, little flashes of metallics will brighten things up.

Bright wall features

Choose your artwork carefully when you’re looking at pieces for a dark room. Go for bright and bold to inject a little energy and fun into the room. Metallic, 3D pieces can also work well.

High gloss ceiling – but matte walls

High gloss ceilings in a dark room will capture and reflect light from above, making it seem more natural. Gloss walls in a dark room, on the other hand, can create a glare, and the walls will look dull further back from the windows. Matte walls, however, offer a soft glow distributed equally throughout the room and offer a much gentler look.

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