Friday night is this most popular night to order food in – so get downloading the Eat Local app now!

 According to a study commissioned by Freeview, 37 per cent of us order takeaway to celebrate the start of the weekend.

 Out of 2,000 people polled, we order an average of THREE takeaways a month

Chinese (48 percent) is the nation’s favourite takeaway, followed by pizza (43 percent), fish and chips (35 percent) and Indian (29 percent).

 It takes a total of 15 minutes to decide what food to order, with four in ten (44 percent) admitting that they often argue with friends or family over what to have.

85 percent say they sit down and tuck into food in front of the telly, with over half (54 percent) admitting they do it every day. One in four (25 percent) eat their dinner in front of the box more than once a week. 49 percent admit they get hungrier when they see a food scene in a film or TV show.

The survey also found four in ten people (43 percent) agree some foods go better with different kinds of TV shows than others, so much so that 39 percent based their food choices on what they are going to watch.

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