The true cost of keeping the spark alive has been revealed by and new survey – and it’s not cheap … unless you plan to split the bill!

 2,000 people, in committed relationships, revealed the romantic things they spend money on, with two cinema trips a year (average spend £40), going for spontaneous drinks together 11 times (£418) and enjoying at least one gig or live music event together (£92), emerging as important.

And when factoring in spontaneous gifts (£89 a year), romantic weekends away (£713) and meals out (£439), the survey shows that the cost of loving all adds up.

The biggest spend however, according to the couples surveyed, was going on at least one romantic holiday abroad together, at an average spend of £1,083.

 Couples will ideally have two weekends away together, in addition to their main holiday, which amount to £713 over a year.

One in two (49 percent) admit they make a huge effort to keep the spark alive as a couple, while 31 percent insist it’s important to budget for regular date nights, gifts, and naughty weekends away.

 The research, commissioned by Princess Cruises, found that despite trips away and plenty of date nights, 38 percent of couples still don’t feel they have enough time together.

Almost half (46 percent) of those surveyed say the cost of living has impacted their relationship, and they’ve been forced to cut back on date nights and trips away in recent years.

 Eithne Williamson, Vice President of Princess Cruises UK & Europe, which commissioned the study, commented, “As our research has shown, it is evident that couples throughout the UK prioritise spending quality time together to sustain the spark in their relationships.

 “However, the escalating cost of living is curtailing the ability to prioritise their cost of loving. A cruise is an affordable way for couples to enjoy multiple dates during a single holiday.

 “On board a Princess ship, the Love Boat takes care of everything so couples can maximise their time together.”

 Unsurprisingly, couples with children find it more difficult to factor in time spent together, as 28 percent need to budget for the cost of a babysitter when planning a date night.


2 x spontaneous gifts – £44.80 x 2 = £89.60

1 x romantic holiday – £1,083

2 x weekend away – £356.80 x 2 = £713.60

2 x cinema visits – £20.10 x 2 = £40.20

5 x meals out – £87.90 x 5 = £439.50

1 x theme park or local attraction – £135.50

1 x gig or live music event  – £92.10

11 x spontaneous drinks out – £38 x 11 = £418

2 x fun activities (e.g. bowling, mini golf)  – £36.10 x 2 = £72.20

5 x beauty treatments / haircuts – £89.50 x 5 = £447.50 

TOTAL = £3,531.20

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