With Leap Day falling on Thursday (February 29th), researchers surveyed Gen Zs, and found 87 percent feel strongly that women should feel free to propose to a partner at any time.

Of the 2,000 18- to 27-year-olds, surveyed as many as 86 percent believe the traditional stereotype is starting to change, thanks to high-profile female celebrities such as Pink and Haley Lu Richardson proposing to their partners.

 Other wedding traditions that are considered old-fashioned by younger generations, include the bride’s parents figure paying for the wedding (54 percent), asking a father figure for permission (43 percent), sleeping apart the night before the wedding (38 percent) and the bride taking their partner’s name (35 percent).

 A third (29 percent) think that being given away is no longer necessary, while 27 percent say that tossing the bouquet is out of style.

 Being carried over the threshold (26 percent), promising to obey in the vows (25 percent) and wearing a veil (19 percent) are also falling out of favour.

 However, marriage remains popular for young people with half (47 percent) of the 18- to 27-year-olds planning to propose, or get married in the near future, with a quarter (27 percent) planning on getting down on one knee and recreating their first date to pop the question (27 percent).

 A quarter (24 percent) say that they involve their pet in the proposal.

 The research of 2,000 people aged between 18 and 27 years old was commissioned by Churchill.  A spokesperson said: “Every generation sees attitudes change and young people are embracing equality in all aspects of their lives. Following in the footsteps of famous female celebrities, women are increasingly choosing to propose to their partner. What was once a leap year tradition is now becoming commonplace. Young people remain committed to the idea of marriage but are rewriting the rule book from the proposal to the big day itself.” 


  1. The bride’s father paying for the wedding – 54%
  2. Asking your partner’s father for permission – 43%
  3. Sleeping apart the night before the wedding – 38%
  4. Taking your partner’s name – 35%
  5. Being given away by your dad – 29%
  6. Tossing the bouquet – 27%
  7. Being carried over the threshold – 26%
  8. Promising to obey in the vows – 25%
  9. Wearing a veil – 19%
  10. Wearing a long, white dress – 18%
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