The real benefits of shopping local

Choosing to shop at a local independent business instead of a larger chain store has many benefits.

 There are compelling reasons why you should choose your local independent business over a large, commercial supplier.

 From improving the economy and environment to helping increase tourism and local jobs, shopping local is the way forward.

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Local businesses are the backbone of our economy and shopping at one is   better for the economy of your community. Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. The shop owners, who you are spending your money with, will then put that money back into your local community by going into local pubs and restaurants, thus circulating the money, and allowing your community to thrive.


Shopping with local businesses can have a positive impact on the health of the local jobs in your area. Local businesses are surprisingly the largest employer of jobs nationally and provide the most local jobs to communities. Local employers are more likely to pay a higher average wage than their commercial chain counterparts. Helping to increase the number of jobs in your area means that you will have a better place to live and work.


We tend to believe that the best deals are found online. Online adverts constantly show us great deals that seem too good to be true – and often this is sadly the case. However, you might be surprised to see just how competitive the prices are in your local businesses. Find out what your local area can offer you first, before checking online.


Independent businesses are run by people, not by algorithms or faceless boards. This means they are run by local people, and you will usually find that the business/shops building is in keeping with aesthetic of the area. Local businesses add character to the community and a touch of warm, welcoming personality.  


There’s nothing better than the personal touch of a local owner who knows everyone in the area. Building relationships between owners and the local customer goes further than just a purchase. It is also worth remembering that local shops stock an inventory based on their own customer’s choices rather than national fashion trends. This is so you can find what you want rather than finding what they want to sell you.


Choosing a local company over a chain can be good for the environment. Most local companies are found on the high street, closer to where communities live, rather than a drive away to the nearest large shopping centre. Keeping local will reduce air pollution, reduce traffic, and improve the quality of the nation’s high streets.


In a world that is becoming increasingly dominated by chain stores, which have been designed to look the same, independent businesses bring much-needed originality and variety into communities. Quirky boutiques and special interest stores can be a real breath of fresh air into an area populated by generic shops and companies.


Independent businesses thrive on innovation – it’s how things move forward and progress. Take for instance coffee shops which are at the peak of their popularity right now. These days chain coffee shops are following in the footsteps of independent coffee shops. They are doing what they can to copy successful local cafes and blend more into the community and seem more authentic.


If anything goes wrong with your purchase, you have a local company to go to and someone to talk to. Large commercial companies will often provide you with a phone number for their customer service team, which is often not in the UK, and make you wait for what seems like an eternity until you get to speak to someone. This simply is not the case with a local business. You can meet up face to face, rather than on the phone, and find out exactly how they can help fix the problem.

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