Drivers can save big money with a few small changes to beat ever-rising insurance quotes.

Younger drivers are particularly hard hit when it comes to insurance, ranging from £1,300 in Northern Ireland to more than double for those living in London at £2,800, so finding additional ways to save is essential.

But over £350 that could be saved through some very simple changes to your car insurance details.

There are three main ways to make real savings – looking at where you park, what type of insurance product you choose and what size of engine you opt for – which could save you approximately £366.68 a year.

Black Box could save an average of £75

A telematics policy, or black box insurance, is ideal for younger drivers with less mileage, the device (or app) starts collecting driving data immediately, this can help the insurer with their risk analysis, safer driving increases the chances of a competitive price, lowering costs for better drivers.

Parking on driveways could save £140

Car owners who make use of their garages, driveways or carports for overnight parking could make big savings on their car insurance – parking on driveways rather than on the road could save you over £140 on average every year as it reduces the risk of incidents such as theft and damage from passing traffic.

Switching to a smaller engine could save over £150  Smaller engines tend to save on tax and fuel costs, so downsizing could give you savings. For instance, the average driver in the UK travels 550 miles a month, take a smaller 1.0 litre Ford engine for example, they cost approximately £68.50 for 550 miles worth of unleaded petrol, whereas a larger 2.3 litre Ford engine could cost as much as £81.14 – that’s a saving of £13.64 a month, £151.68 a year. CEO and car insurance expert Greg Wilson says: “Car insurance premiums are up at least 25% across the country and across all age groups, hopefully 2024 will start to see prices stabilise.

“Drivers should take a look at all aspects of their driving and how they use their car. If you can reduce mileage, change from commuter purposes to social only, or review the need for modifications and a larger engine, these could all help make expensive premiums more manageable – just be careful all changes are accurate, or you could invalidate your insurance.”

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